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Hi-Tech System & History Cleaner. The Newest Technology Hi-Tech System & History Cleaner. Clean All Online And Offline Activity On Any Pc!

The Newest Technology Hi-Tech System & History Cleaner. Clean All Online And Offline Activity On Any Pc! The Most Wanted Privacy Protection Software.
Think about it... every document you've ever read, every photo you've ever viewed, every word you've ever typed in a chat room.... even every website you've ever visited are all permanently stored on hidden files in your computer which can easily be recovered with easy to get software. You've heard the stories - they happen every day. People in trouble, marriages dissolved, jobs lost… lives ruined. And all because of content found on computers that the user thought was gone forever. Why is this happening so often? Because now it's easy to access information on computers that the user thought was completely & permanently erased
Right Now, Your Computer is Your Worst Enemy!
Most people are shocked when we tell them that every single thing you do on your computer is permanently stored in hidden files on your hard drive. And everything you've ever done can be traced using the right software - every document you've written or read, every picture you've viewed or downloaded, every website you've ever visited, even every word you've ever typed in a chat room. They are all still on your computer - hidden in secret files that are accessible using software that can be downloaded off the Internet!Most believe that they can eliminate their data bythe following methods: Moving items to recycle bins Deleting files Deleting cookies Erasing Internet histories Emptying cache Please don't think using any of these methods permanently erases what you've done or what you've looked at. Even formatting your hard drive will not get rid of these hidden files.If your computer were examined today, the evidence would still be there…and to make matters worse, the person examining your computer could even tell that you were trying to delete these files….just like you had something to hide!
You will be able to clean
Unknown to many, the Windows and browsers maintain hidden files and registry settingsrelated to all your online and offline activity.
Files - Temporary and Cache
Network and Connection History
Erase Internet Explorer Cache Files
Erase Internet Explorer Browser History
Erase Internet Explorer Cookies
Erase Internet Explorer Address Bar History
Erase Internet Explorer Index.dat Files
Erase Internet Explorer AutoComplete Memory
Erase Windows Recent Documents History
Erase Windows Start Menu Run/Find History
Erase Windows Recycle Bin
Erase Windows Temporary Files Directory
Erase Windows MediaPlayer Recent File List
Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, AOL, Opera, IE
Select which cookies you want to keep
File Shredder - Secure delete folders & files
Cleaning Free Disk Space - FAT/FAT32/NTFS
Free space on your Hard Drive!
Speed up your computer!
· and much more...
Introducing System CleanerSystem Cleaner is a powerful newest software program available today. System Cleaner is the best technologically advanced software for permanently and completely erasing hidden PC files and all the data and information you choose. System Cleaner quickly and professionally deep cleans your computer of 'sensitive material', leaving you with a clean, like new PC. The program is extremely convenient and user-friendly!
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